Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SMB Paradigm Shift

By: Rick Davis

It used to be that if you wanted the highest level of Web or Citrix XenApp availability you needed to spend at least $30,000; which bought you a pair of highly available Application Delivery appliances for Access Gateway (SSL VPN), Advanced Health Monitoring, self healing load management, Application Firewall, XenApp Broker and Citrix licensing awareness, improved troubleshooting, and maybe multi-link access and global load balancing. It was a steep price point for some and it dramatically separated the SMB market from the enterprise space. A digital divide of sorts: the application delivery divide.

Right now we're seeing the genesis of application delivery controlers (ADCs) for less than $10,000! And I'm not talking about sacrificing functionality to select a third rate ADC service. We're talking about all the traditional "Gartner defined" application delivery controller functionality that the Citrix NetScaler Appliances have been providing are now available in a software form factor which will empower the SMB space like we've never seen. Giving SMBs new access to the four key web and XenApp application delivery benefits: availability, performance, offload and security – all in one highly scalable, flexible and extensible system.

With the cost of entry into the ADC space being reduced by 60%, we should see a significant adoption of ADCs by the SMB market.

Check it out:

NetScaler VPX
Full NetScaler functionality in a simple virtual appliance

Enterprise-class Server virtualization. Free.

More information on Netscaler

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