Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Citrix XENDesktop Mutli-Monitor Support

By:Rick Rohne

Citrix XENDesktop 3.0 supports the use of multiple monitors on the client endpoint device, in fact, users can set up a maximum of eight monitors for an endpoint device. Those monitors must have identical screen resolutions. The maximum total screen resolution across all monitors must not exceed 56Mb, where one pixel in a true color desktop (24 bits per pixel) is 4 bytes. This is all great, but how do you get multi-monitor to work in your environment?

There are basically three ways to offer up multi monitor support in XENDesktop. You can decide on how to deliver the multi monitor support based on your conditions. PC's using Citrix Receiver, PC's using Citrix Receiver Full Screen, or Thin Clients.
1. In a PC environment, you may want to give the user control on how to use the multi monitor support. To do this, simply train the user to use the CDSBar (connection bar) to place the Desktop Window in a Normal Window (Not Maximized) and drag the desktop between the two monitors. then place the desktop in Maximized mode and it will automatically span all screens.
2. If you want to take the option away from your users and always open the desktop across all screens, you will have to either install the Citrix Receiver Full Screen only or modify the default.ica file on the Desktop controller. To modify the default.ica file, brows to the C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\sitename\conf\default.ica file and open it with a text editor. Add ConnectionBar=0 under the Application section:

NOTE: ConnectionBar=1 basically sets the default behavior of opening your desktop inside of the connection Bar Window. ConnectionBar=0 sets the desktop to full screen and spans up to 8 monitors.
3. Finally, if you have Thin Clients, you may have to resort to the ConnectionBar=0 to force the clients to launch the desktops in full screen across all desktops.
NOTE: you do not have to modify the vDisk in order to get this functionality to work. Ensure you are using the latest ICA client and that you have the latest hotfixes applied to your vDisk images as there are some small issues between versions.

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